A general-purpose Dapper Repository

Dapper provides the basis for a great database access toolkit. Wrapping its primitives in a small, general-purpose repository enables concise, clear code. The repository interface presented here is highly-opinionated–your mileage may vary.

Injecting Dapper in a .NET 6/7 MVC project

Dapper is a superb alternative to Entity Framework. With just a little extra elbow grease, it provides a performant (and vastly more transparent) way to do your application IO. This article looks at using Dapper with .NET’s dependency injection.

Creating Dapper models

To work effectively, Dapper needs a C# model of the corresponding SQL table. This post documents a utility that produces a Json schema for a SQL Server table that can then be used to provide a C# model of the table for Dapper (or any other purpose).