Omitting the last comma in a series in a Jinja template

Jinja is a great Python template engine.This article explains how to omit the last comma in a series with Jinja.

The desired result is shown below--this is an argument list for an SQL stored procedure. Note that the Id column needs a zero default value and there cannot be a comma after the last column.

In the Libretto SQL Server Json schema there is a columnSqlDeclarations column meta token that produces this:

That's close, but no cigar. It doesn't assign the zero to the Id column and the trailing comma breaks things.

Assigning a zero to the Id is a special case, so (in my case) its worth a little manual work force the zero assignment (note also that the test for the id column is case insensitive--just in case):

That's close, but the trailing comma remains.

To get the desired result, the template needs omit the trailing comma on the last element in the series. This template:

produces the correct results:

The Jinja templating engine has a built-in variable that tracks a loop index. The loop.last value conditions when the template emits the comma.

See the Jinja loop documentation for more info.

While it's not directly a part of this issue, knowing how Jinja controls white space is helpful.

Also, don't miss this Jinja tricks page in the Jinja docs.

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