I've worked professionally with computers since the 80s. Ten years of hacking away at the IBM S/36 and AS/400, and incredibly lucky circumstances, lead to a job as a tech editor for NEWS/400 magazine, the leading IBM midrange magazine back in the day. After about six years, I left NEWS and wrote a weekly newsletter about integrating the IBM AS/400 with Windows. During that time I also did many IBM i seminars across the US and Europe.

Since 2000 I've been at ASNA where we specialize in modernizing IBM i applications. For many years I was the Education Director and taught hundreds of customers how to use ASNA products, especially its Visual RPG product. Today most of my day job is working in the dark side of marketing--but I do get to spend a fair amount of time writing and creating technical content. I wrote most of the marketing and technical content for ASNA.com.

In my spare time, I use Window and Linux platforms for various hobby projects. Many of these projects use OSS languages and dev tools. After a deep fling with PHP and Laravel (insanely awful and insanely great, respectively) I'm spending most of time these days with .NET 6.

Follow me on Twitter at @rogerpence or (although I am there far less often) visit me on Facebook.