A general-purpose Dapper Repository

Dapper provides the basis for a great database access toolkit. Wrapping its primitives in a small, general-purpose repository enables concise, clear code. The repository interface presented here is highly-opinionated–your mileage may vary.

Injecting Dapper in a .NET 6/7 MVC project

Dapper is a superb alternative to Entity Framework. With just a little extra elbow grease, it provides a performant (and vastly more transparent) way to do your application IO. This article looks at using Dapper with .NET’s dependency injection.

Nuget packages

Good programmers write code. Better programmers reuse code. This article is a list of my favorite Nuget packages.

PowerShell tips

PowerShell is intimidating and goofy, but powerful, Windows scripting language. This article is a collection of PowerShell snippets.